Poetry Lounge

I’m a Monster


Those eyes cut deep the way they look at me, you look at me as if so menacing. The way I broke your heart have you thinking we should never be despite all the times I said we were meant to be. And anybody can see the way you look at me so hurtfully have me feeling like I’m a monster.  Like I only come out at night, but I thought I brightened up your day? Like I live under your bed waiting because I know you have your prayers to say. Like the moon is almost out and you’re looking for the nearest escape. Like I got you in the corner and your last word is please. Or like me telling you that you won’t like me when I’m angry. All I did was break your heart and that took the soul out of me like I sold my soul to Satan himself. Going from feeling like a giant to the smallest elf. I’m sorry I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to make you cry. Oh yea that’s right I lied all while you had your spies in disguise. They say cowards die a thousand deaths but cheaters die a million. I wish I could go back to us watching power chillin. Listening to one in a million. You remember? That was our song. Your love was one in a million. Even though I couldn’t be the million. The memories we created amounted to a zillion. Now every time I reach to embrace you, before I can touch you, the tears are already rolling down your face. Like the river in Egypt that flows continuously and it got me thinking maybe it’s better if I leave. I don’t want to see you like this. I didn’t know someone like me could cause all of this. Have you thinking that all along the one you loved was just an imposter. The after math of it all has me feeling like a monster. 

             -Christopher L. Akens